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Beijing Friday evening news, the world's largest athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer Nike (NKE) said that as its operational efficiency and reduce costs as part of the program, will make its namesake brand reorganization of six regional departments and to reduce management layers. The new regional departments, including North America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Greater China, Japan and emerging markets. Nike is based on the previous four regional organizations: the United States, Asia, the Americas, and Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nike Brand President Charlie - Denson (Charlie Denson) in a statement said: "This new model reinforces our consumer-oriented, and facilitates quick decision making." This change is part of the company last month announced a restructuring plan. Under the plan, the company plans to lay off up to 4%, or 1,400 people. The company is expected to be the end of May, to complete an assessment of its operations before the end of this fiscal year. Nike currently has nearly 35,000 employees worldwide. Nike business restructuring two years ago, in order to increase sales. The company said last month that the latest restructuring effort is the second step of this strategy. However, the company has begun to feel the pressure of the economic downturn in recent quarters, its sales have fallen, especially in the United States, where consumers are slashing discretionary purchases. The company said Wednesday that its third-quarter earnings, revenue and future orders has declined. Nike also announced that over the past three years as president of its subsidiary brand combination Li - Bird (Lee Bird) has left the company, its position will be former vice president of EMEA and managing director of Nike Younan - McLaughlin (Eunan McLaughlin ) to succ new jordans shoes for sale eed. McLaughlin, Nike president and CEO Mark will - Parker (Mark Parker) report.As we reported in this ongoing double Nike Hyperdunk 2015 is finally coming out of the network it quietly, starting is a grayish color, with black detail composition. As a continuation of Nike HD series, not only adhering to the previous generation of the various advantages and excellent combat performance will be guaranteed, it is learned that the shoes are now part of the landing site to sell electricity provider, and there are discounts Oh, now priced at only It is 999RMB, item number 749562-100, like a friend but attention under it. Nobody can casually succeed, it can not just become the champion! Kyrie Irving student hard training places may not be well known, but we can imagine a basketball just outside the box and place the bulb and nothing else is what the "Les Miserables", then to the ground before the Nike basketball field as a source of inspiration for us to bring a new color of Nike Kyrie 1 "Dungeon", a dark gray uppers overall build, with a touch of yellow is a symbol of the lamp. It is reported that the shoes will be on July 18 officially for sale, item number 705277-270, interested friends might concern you. skateboard end of the year feast 2013-12-09 00:11:34 favorite skateboarding friends for two years ago, Nike SB released skateboard movie "SB Reed Chronicles first" will not be unfamiliar, as "SB Reed Chronicles" trilogy as the opening, the film by Jason Hernandez directed, Stefan Janoski, Daniel Shimizu, Grant Taylor, Wieger Van Wageningen and other famous skaters participating in the Nike skateboarding large, a launch would have been in hot pursuit of skateboarders, "SB Reed Chronicles" series of tough inside Action has also become a large skateboard enthusiasts imitated action. Two year cheap foamposites for sale s later, "SB Reed Chronicles Part II" finally sound and we are looking forward to meet its premiere will be held in Shanghai. In the "SB Reed Chronicles Part II," we can still enjoy this Nike SB gathered seven top riders Shane ONeill, Ishod Wair, Daryl Angel, Theotis Beasley, Justin Brock and-coming skaters Donovon Piscopo and Luan Oliveira perfect performances, film shooting went around the world, as we showed unusual visual impact, but in the premiere, the participating film's Nike SB Shane ONeill riders also went to the site with many skateboarders interact, and on his feet, we also saw a new Nike Lunar One Shot, what is a pair of shoes to meet the needs of the top riders in the world do? Let's find out. I believe that first saw this pair of Nike Lunar One Shot, when most people would think this shoe shoes some familiar, very much like the very popular some time ago Stefan Janoski, but in a conversation with Shane ONeill's We also learned that he also liked Stefan Janoski, therefore, the new Lunar One Shot retained Stefan Janoski certain shoe design, but Lunar One Shot more sense of technology, many high-tech armed, so that double Lunar One Shot truly become the highest-tech skateboard shoes. Do not be understated appearance Lunar One Shot fooled, this is a pair can really bring about "one man board shoes, throughout the design phase, Nike SB riders with the tacit understanding, listen to the views of the most authentic, design out of this double Lunar One Shot, vamp Hyperscreen wear resistant coating technology that can help your feet more comfortable handling skateboard, mesh fabric can be closely followed by the heel, but to ensure maximum flexibility, while Lunarlon midsole Technology cushioning feel incredible, in addition, lightweight mesh t jordans for sale ongue and thick collar ensuring lightweight shoes while locking the heel, enhanced protection, outsole fishbone lines outstanding grip effect . "SB Reed Chronicles second" official version updates please pay close attention to the topic. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil with the German King has been busy ending, this wave of World Cup fever also created Taiwan textile, footwear and the surrounding "from face to tens of billions of business foot goods, making Taiwan manufacturing industry become invisible champion; conservative estimate this session of world cup business opportunities than the previous growth of at least 30%. Brazil world cup jerseys, shoes, football, or even crayons have Taiwan manufacturers involved; thirty-two teams, there are ten branches from Taiwan manufacturers to provide functional fabrics made by the Jersey, access to business opportunities accounted for the largest. this year, NIKE, Adidas, Puma three big brands, arranged ninety percent world soccer shoes, Taiwanese businessmen and related enterprises and almost arranged seventy percent sneakers manufacturing. This year, Adidas is the biggest winner in the world's shoes, foot official partners, is also the world cup champion Germany, Golden Boot winner sponsors, and about seventy percent of the world football shoes are arranged by adidas. NIKE, Adidas, Reebok, including more than sixty international brand shoes in fact by Baocheng group manufacturing; Baocheng annual output of three hundred million pairs of sports shoes, the production of Adidas and Puma two brand OEM football shoes annual sales were four hundred thou cheap air jordans sand and seven hundred and fifty thousand double double. in addition, Taiwan, Vietnam Zhixiong and Taiwan shoe factory Qing Lu king Xiao Dengbo group's three shoes, football shoes are Adidas largest suppliers, become the world cup manufacturers benefit. And Taiwan businessmen, Hui Chun, China, the Philippines and diamond, and many other factories in mainland China and Vietnam have produced Puma football shoes and other shoes. World Cup led sports shoes consumption promotion, sporting goods market forecast revenue will grow five point seven percent Baosheng pathway pathway. TV common enthusiastic fans in the face of the flag painted, painted these crayons are almost all "MIT" produced by Taiwan company; including ceroplastic "color painted stick" can easily help fans paint in Germany, France and Argentina during the world cup this year, the national flag, and two months to sell more than three million, compared with the previous year one million to two million increased significantly. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry) in the face of this market situation, many textile enterprises have adopted many ways to survive the cold winter". Reporters learned that many enterprises have begun to compress production, and by reducing costs and other ways to "throttling", while actively developing Africa, Eastern Europe and other markets to "open source."". In addition, the textile enterprises to accelerate the pace of "going out", Chinese textile import and Export Chamber of Commerce vice president Cao Xinyu said that due to the change of comparative advantage and the gradual loss of domestic manufacturing factors such as international trade environment, China textile enterprises to accelerate the pace of overseas factories, the Chinese textile enterprises to invest and set up fac Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale tories in Kampuchea has exceeded 400, to Bangladesh the nearly 100. Guangdong enterprises to move out of the mainland market potential last May 18th, the provincial government held in Dongguan city to promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade in Guangdong work forum ", to study the deployment of Guangdong province to expand the domestic processing trade, and promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade. Reporters learned that the transformation and upgrading of processing trade has become a consensus of government departments and enterprises in Guangdong, which promote the processing trade enterprises to domestic sales is regarded as the focus. In the export processing trade intensive areas of Dongguan, as early as 2002, began to vigorously promote the processing trade enterprises to domestic sales work, in Shijie and Qingxi two towns each choose 3 enterprises to carry out domestic sales pilot work. In recent years, Dongguan has been encouraging the transformation and upgrading of processing and trading enterprises, transforming from OEM to brand competition, developing their own products and opening up the domestic market. Among the 15000 processing and trading enterprises in Dongguan, 5000 have been involved in the domestic market. In the most densely populated Shenzhen Baoan for compensation "enterprise, leaving only 3307 or more enterprises, are constantly seeking transformation and upgrading, so far has nearly completed 1/3 industrial transformation. Vice governor of Guangdong province Tang Bingquan said that the processing trade to the domestic work is beneficial for enterprises to expand the development space, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, is conducive to the national and local tax increases, is conducive to the central idea cheap jordans for sale of the "reduce trade surplus" policy, but also conducive to the variety and quality of the people to enhance consumer products. in addition to industrial upgrading, the more spectacular is the phenomenon of enterprise relocation. 2007, "deep relocation" topic sparked national debate. For 11 consecutive years won the domestic market share of the first brand underwear enterprises in Shenzhen China Embry company has a production base and the main business moved to Shandong Ji'nan; BYD set up mobile phone and auto parts production base in Huizhou, the project investment amounted to 6 billion yuan; HUAWEI will also be in Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park set up a new production line...... On the part of the enterprise is under the operating costs of the move, but also a considerable number of enterprises is the expansion of the relocation, in the headquarters, R & D center in Shenzhen, the production line moved to other provinces, and to some extent from the further development of the provinces) 2012-3-23 12:46 upload and download the attachment (82.48 KB) the same is the two brand XLarge and Vans to skateboard culture started this teamed up to create a new pair of " Tropical Camouflage" Old Skool camouflage shoes. In the tropical jungle camouflage design, showing a dazzling, but low-key excellent texture characteristics. For summer sneakers, it's definitely one of the must-have items. Dear friends, please pay more attention to the correct date of issue. The launch of the new Nike WMNS Lunar Rift Racer new Nike Sportswear to meet the arrival of summer, light will become the theme of the 2013 Nike Nike Lunar Rift, see Racer new, good confirms this theme features. The shoes are made of similar mesh materials, and they are wrapped with suede material to stabilize t Retro jordans for sale he middle and heel of the shoes. The classic Lunarlon shock sole brings a fresh feeling, and also brings a strong cushioning performance. The new product is now available on atmos, with two bright colors, orange / black and black / pink, to choose from.yesterday, NBA battle shoes Wang exclusive exposure of the latest came out a Nike SB Blazer, its shoe root tag marked "SHOE" word, immediately attracted controversy countless. Despite the disagreement, the colour scheme has won acclaim from many shoe buff friends. By our editorial inquiries, finally confirmed the design inspiration this pair of shoes are from the battle of the "Damour plan" (Dharma Initiative), believe that the popular drama "lost" (Lost) loyal fans are never strangers. The shoes are designed with environmentally friendly materials and are released in an extremely fast fashion. They are scheduled to be officially launched tomorrow at the designated counters in the big Nike SB in the United states. I do not know the shoes with another inspiration from the same "lost" Nike SB Dunk high high "oceanic" Edition (Oceanic Airlines), who can better, let us wait and see. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike, SB, Blazer, SHOE, don't pay attention to details, exposure, skateboard artist, Matt, French, joint Nike, SB, Dunk comments on : "Nike SB, Blazer, SHOE, don't pay attention to details." next: SB, Matt, French, Nike, Dunk years, Nike Dunk has to create new styles but this pair of new map, is probably the most shocking. This pair of shoes and all visible nylon mesh uppers, wing and toe end guard with pure black, while the rest of the upper appears like a storm wild orange pattern, it will see that the picture is reproduced on the century 80 years later had a short red, a very popular all over the world zebra striped pants (Zubaz jordans on sale online Pants) style, and contrast in black leather, black hook midsole and rubber outsole, the shoes can enjoy the show more visual shock, the mesmerizing. The shoes will be on sale in January 2010 and will be on sale at the major stores. Please wait. Source: Battle shoes Wang zebra Camo NIKE DUNK erotic nylon classic Nike retro shoes comments on last article: Zebra Camo NIKE DUNK next article: Erotic nylon classic Nike retro shoesAir jordan 11 one of several famous basketball shoes of which all, was a excellent storm of online marketing. It??s the sneaker Michael wore over the 1995-96 Bulls?? record-setting, 72-win period. It was one from the first basketball shoes ever to utilize patent leather along with prompted celebrities that will wear them with tuxedos to be able to awards shows. And naturally,jordan footwear have been for a while insanely popular from the beginning. The end result was simply a cultural phenomenon. Properly, my pals, that cultural phenomenon still have not died down. Despite releasing many hundreds shoes a year or so, the Jordan company nonetheless has casino shoe collectors fawning to acquire a yearly retro version during this now-infamous shoe every individual Christmas season. On some sort of yearly basis brings the innovative color way, and this also over December 23 just been an original ??Concord?? color??s flip on cheap jordan footwear due to the fact they last spotted a new release, and folks basically attended bananas. People lined upwards in the garden every casino shoe save that carried the low-cost retro jordans 11 for that midnight release, just hoping to acquire their hands at these types of $180 kicks. A lots of were unsuccessful, and that??s wherever this particular all goes toward hell with your hand basket. The resulting chaos made national news caused by multiple reports of beatings, tramplings, as well as stabbings. Now, activists have taken around the cause so are demanding lower costs, greater accessibility, and online-only releases to shop for jordan footwear. While, my question to you personally are these claims just what (if anything) must the Jordan manufacturer do? I honestly have absolutely no idea what the ??right?? response is. Personally, I feel that if a company creates a terrific demand for product, then utilised together find play industry however they??d as an illustration. They do not really bear the liability associated with what can happen when a number of knuckleheads congregate outdoor shoe stores which can be free to open when they wish. With this demand from customers simply increasing annually, we seem being visiting your breaking point. I don??t really find out what will happen at any given time. People won??t come across me outside getting some sort of shoe store in the cheap jordan footwear online. This blog is from new summer is a brand new pair of Adidas Originals from the online exposure of shoe body using elastic mesh material to build, and the shoelace and bandage design is similar to the use of Qasa in the upper Y-3. Black rubber outsole shoes and insole with Adidas Originals's iconic clover Logo, full of shoes is very simple, it is very suitable for summer wear. Interested friends, please continue to pay attention. read a pair of shoes, two personalities / Jordan, CP3.VII, AE, avatar, doctor, now available, gentleman's choice, /CHURCH'S 2014, SS, COLLECTION, red sports car, /Nike 2014, summer Flyknit, Racer, new color series counts 10 double [future sense] sneakers hybrid Wars: M577, VS, MT580 / Nike SB Project BA new color new color design Nike Air Max Lunar90 gradient Jelly / C3.0 / grayish green turbine comments on a new color: SB Project / Nike BA designed a new color gradient Nike Air Max Lunar90 C3.0 / jelly / grayish green turbineDependableJay once again for our shoes collectors submitted their own collection, in front of the Air Jordan PE is 8 for the Bucks during the Ray Allen special order, made in 2003, the size of US14 shoes in white with dark green and purple bucks details, the collar of the shoe with number 34 embroidery. How many people remember the performance of Sugar.ray? 2014-5-18 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (292.07, KB) Nicks today and the Celtic game is nationally televised, Nicks point guard Raymond Felton before the game shows its own version of PE Under Armour Charge BB Low, as everyone knows, Under Armour Charge BB version of conventional upper is very high, and the upper Low version although there are decreased, but the upper looks and people in conventional consciousness the help of shoes almost. Under Armour Charge BB Low for the first time is the debut game all star weekend, then by Walker on foot began.Although the LeBron Ambassador 8 field combat performance won, but the pursuit of the ultimate Nike Basketball never let it be just a sweet strength. This time, a brand and put on the Oreo Oreo color, simple and without losing the classic black and white color is not to make this a more idol type style? Neiwaijianxiu masterpiece must not miss, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 818678-001 nike-lebron-ambassador-8-oreo-3.jpg (57.85 KB, download number: 9) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 Oreo 2015-12-31 09:25 upload nike-lebron-ambassador-8-oreo-2.jpg (52.37 KB, download number: 7) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 Oreo 2015-12-31 09:25 upload nike-lebron-ambassador-8-oreo-4.jpg (59.8 KB, download number: 10) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 Oreo 2015-12-31 09:25 upload nike-lebron-ambassador-8-oreo.jpg (60.07 KB, download number: 9) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 Oreo 2015-12-31 09:25 upload nike-lebron-ambassador-8-oreo-1.jpg (57.95 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron Ambassador 8 Oreo 2015-12-31 09:25 upload nike-lebron-ambassador-8-oreo-5.jpg (54.52 KB, 1World Basketball Festival is the World Basketball Festival beacon again Nike in time for the event in Chicago, New York, Washington and Losangeles four city for design to create a new Nike Hyperdunk 2014 city set. At the same time, in order to meet the demanding needs of each player shoes, respectively, to help with the level of presentation, and upper color rich and colorful, full of sense of design tide ink collocation, make shoes is full of youth and vitality, each new tongues were printed each city English abbreviations, so it is easy to identify its source theme. New products are expected to be on sale in August 7th, low price of $130, $140 for high, love friends please pay attention. nike-hyperdunk-2014-city-collection-chicago-01.jpg (123.3 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Hyperdunk 2014 city set 2014-8-1 09:18 upload nike-hyperdunk-2014-city-collection-chicago-02.jpg (126.91 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Hyperdunk 2014 city set 2014-8-1 09:18 upload nike-hyperdunk-2014-city-collection-chicago-05.jpg (120.77 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Hyperdunk 2014 city set 2014-8-1 09:18 upload nike-hyperdunk-2014-city-collection-chicago-03.jpg (145.67 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Hyperdunk 2014 city set 2014-8-1 09:18 upload nike-hyperdunk-2014-city-collection-chicago-04.jpg (150.94 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Hyperdunk 0

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