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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in Portland, BLAZER Blazers just the name, it has another far-reaching implications: nike company's headquarters is located in this city, but BLAZER, is it in Release name first basketball shoe 1973. For the champion of NIKE basketball shoe market, the significance of the extraordinary BLAZER. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? NBA50 you know one of the big stars, known as "Iceman" George Gervin it? Light shooting action seemed to make time at the moment still, has also been a "FINGER ROLL" in the world. In court, he lightly jump, the ball gently into the basket, the foot wear, it is this pair of NIKE BLAZER. Moreover, when the players in the NBA, there are a lot of people also wearing NIKE BLAZER play. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 30 years ago as a basketball shoes, NIKE BLAZER shape with an obvious characteristic of that era. With the current perspective, nature is relatively simple, even a little awkward. Especially NIKE BLAZER of NIKE SWOOSH with other shoes are very different: the bent portion of the forward SWOOSH greater curvature, and SWOOSH shoes should be wider than the other. "Fertilizer" look a bit clumsy, but also reveals a sort of cute. And this strange SWOOSH NIKE BLAZER has become the most obvious sign. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Why should we designed this? A simple truth is this: When an appearance, clothing that special person in your side walk, you can not help but look at his eyes. And that was precisely the effect sought NIKE designer: Let more people pay attention to the shoe, pay attention to the brand's logo. For a newly emerging brand, which is very important. SWOOSH designed some of the exaggerated, is to be able to stand out from the many brands, can be compelling. Thus, the role of its logo has been reflected. The NIKE BLAZER indeed live up to expectations, not only become the first pair of basketball shoes NIKE history, but also one of the most successful basketball shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, from a performance aspect, NIKE BLAZER has no merit. It's no wonder, even a decade later it is born AIR FORCE I, DUNK have been unable to meet the needs of the movement, not to mention the long years out of the battlefield, "veterans"? However, NIKE BLAZER does have its grievance: the ancestor from retro style NIKE basketball shoes, the prevalence of this began, more than once to return to the market, but could not as the younger generation AIR FORCE I, DUNK, become mainstream popular, lukewarm Offering the case of fire always gives a "not on board something presentable" feeling. Although every year people predict: NIKE BLAZER the stand up, it can always see signs of recovery. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; But this time, NIKE BLAZER is ready to take some effort the body. Perhaps realizing and DUNK AIR FORCE I have been familiar to consumers, the need for new models to attract the attention of consumers. Has a special significance BLAZER, of course, is the object NIKE next focus of development. DUNK SB imitate the success stories of BLAZER packaging, launched just one BLAZER SB NIKE BLAZER revive approach. The upcoming NIKE BLAZER MID 73, but also has a special significance. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This double white / brown NIKE BLAZER MID 73 in terms of the color or style, have copied the 1973 first pair of NIKE BLAZER, full of authentic engraved. The same period launched several NIKE BLAZER MID 73 color, are also the earliest BLAZER color, really rare! Of course, NIKE BLAZER MID 73 as compared with the first year of NIKE BLAZER, there are subtle differences. The biggest problem cheap jordans NIKE BLAZER, that is, at the toe no special protection measures, so movement is very easy to be injured toe. Although NIKE BLAZER MID 73 already likely to be used to play basketball, but still in the toe of the clip NIKE layer of gelatinous protective film to reduce the risk of injury during exercise. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; maybe you do not like NIKE BLAZER, its special appearance is not cold. But after all, is the ancestor of NIKE basketball shoes, even been named one of FHM authoritative history of 50 big shoes in 2004. As time goes by, when covered with frost, episodic memory, NIKE BLAZER MID 73 into our line of sight. That once fearless "pioneers", finally back.0.jpg (259.92 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload although many players did not own signature shoes, nor a super star, but Nike Basketball also prepared for their Christmas color team boots, including Nike Hyperdunk 2013, Nike Hyperfuse 2013, Nike Hyperquickness and many other styles. With red and green color of traditional building, decorated with a small Snowman pattern, is the spirit of christmas. 1.jpg (138.6 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload 2.jpg (125.63 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload 3.jpg (114.56 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload 4.jpg (113.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload 5.jpg (112.24 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload 6.jpg (163.47 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload 7.jpg (163.8 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-26 15:04 upload 2017SS Paris fashion week shoes foot and street featured Author: sohoo uploaded to the 2016-10-10 17:17:35 reading: 92 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes informationthese two black and white Adidas Crazy 97 have different designs. The full version of Black Crocodile texture design, in a black dress only in some developing with a little yellow, the whole color low-key but showing a chill in the air, a Kobe Bryant that momentum. And another white version is the original original color as the concept, shoes and black version of the different leather, but with some slight light, trying to reproduce the classic of the year. source: SivasdescalzoA week before the start of runners "Taipei Marseille Adidas 10 road run for the Raiders" adidas as the Taipei marathon held in Taiwan the first official sponsor, Adidas Running EXPO- running exposition ", from now until 12/28 (day) on the whole motion index of Adidas 101 limited run stadium. Adidas is also in today with Liu Xuan at Adidas Running EXPO at the beginning of the horse put forward "Adidas 10" for road run Raiders, but the actual experience of exclusive Adidas imported from Japan Gym running strength training & Run, in the week before the race and runners to prepare for, look forward to every runner can easily finish. Adidas 10 road race preparationA group of 1. love running music list the melody and rhythm of music can be infected with runners mood and pace, for a long time running becomes lively and not monotonous. 2. a pair of running shoes 3. footscan 4. a comfortable clothing 5.adidas 10 road race preparation (four) - a comfortable outfit (male) 5.adidas 10 road race preparation (four) - a Retro jordans for sale comfortable outfit (male) 6.adidas 10 road race preparation (four) - a comfortable outfit (female) 6.adidas 10 road race preparation (four) - a comfortable outfit (female) 〉adidas from the beginning of 2012 will be officially Primeknit weaving technology for their own shoes, the high density woven structure through which the upper cladding can bring very good for your feet, and first used in jogging and leisure use, along with the improvement and innovation of technology constantly, and has been successful in recent years basketball shoes for connection, while the import of another exclusive exclusive Boost slow bottom between the epicenter, collocation is sweet duet. is one of the main half of the season of basketball shoes brand, Crazy Explosive Low has not yet available on the Internet caused no small degree of discussion, and low and high cylinder cylinder version in the upper material also has composite woven fabrics and Primeknit version, it is reported that Taiwan will be commercially available PK Version (can look forward to look, all white outline) style using monochromatic vision has also highlighted in the adidas official website of online sale, careful observation can be found in the upper into ivory white yarn increased sense of hierarchy, if preferences concise wind prospecting shoe they can begin to create a budget (laugh). source: EU KICKS, this is Black Friday on Friday! Once a year the most important sales season, and in every year the Jordan Brand will launch the engraved style full of opportunities for the day of the occasion, the protagonist of this year is Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared, presumably shoe fans have to spend a lot of time and thought, and foreign website to help you organize shoes over the years Air Jordan on black Friday sale style, so that everyone except when shopping but also an interesting historical review. Air Jordan 12 "Nubuck"" sale year: 2003 Air Jordan 12, "Nubuck" in 2003, but the first pair of limited style sold on the Internet, but also when many of the fans on the Internet waiting for its sale, until 2009, once again re engraved. Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game"" sale year: 2009I believe we are not familiar with the Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game", this color is Jordan in 1997 of that year the fifth game of the finals, with flu symptoms of food poisoning and bite the amazing performance and scored 38 points in the game, Jordan is to wear this color, in 2003 for the first time in 2009 after the engraved. The change in material after black Friday sale. sale year: 2010 Jordan Brand launched the first two pairs of shoes in black Friday, Air Jordan 13 "Flint" in the same year by the Detroit pistons Richard Hamilton and improve visibility, while the other two Air Jordan 7 "Bin 23" is the number of very rare gem. Air Jordan 3 "Black Cement"" sale year: 2011 in 2011 is the birth of Air Jordan 3 23rd anniversary, Jordan Brand of course Air Jordan 3 will be regarded as the focus of the year's work, as the protagonist of the black Friday deserved. Air Jordan 4 "Black/Red"" sale year: 2012 2012 years of Jordan shoes fans, can be said to be a red color of the year, in the same year launched Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan〉 blackThe global soccer King Zidane house battle, Beckham adidas was launched by Messi and Kanye West at the end of the month, football, hip-hop two stars together to create "Leo Messi" s World Cup "Dream Brazil World Cup advertising, then invited to the world's two largest football superstar Beckham and Zidane Adidas participate in the world cup in Brazil Cheap foamposites for sale , the latest advertising" House Match ". https://www.youtube.com/watch? V=BDUIuzIwwTU? legend Zidane and two active players Baer (Gareth Bale / Real Madrid) and Lucas Mora (Lucas · Moura / Paris Saint Germain), invited to Beckham , about what happens? continues Adidas World Cup global propaganda, "all in or nothing", whether or not on the field, under the field, for the world cup frenzy, kick off at any time. Under Armour "I WILL" to the spirit of the brand extends many different slogans, like the previous for women 'I Will What of I Want' or recently designed for running and students' Erase your doubt ', to see a distinctive brand soul, that kind of faith toward the goal of real feeling exciting. In the latest Rule Yourself advertising emphasized the importance of training the interpretation of this concept in the days and months multiplying, the film through the three player NBA player Stephen Curry, signed Jordan Speith and ballet dancer golfer Misty Copeland, tens of thousands of times in the training will accumulate into your formal performance during the performance of You is are the sum of all your training has this sentence, whether you are a beginner or already have their own stage occupation athlete, believe that cannot deviate from this rule, your efforts will become part of your advertising, short and clear, but very popular, very small personal love. extended reading: Under Armour related reports Today, Nike? Georgetown published a series of "We Run Dc" women half marathon running shoes, shoes for sale include: Nike Free, 5.0+ Nike Roshe Run Woven Nike Studio, Wrap Pack, did not let the boys' in front. This series of fresh Tiffany green as the main colors in three double features of the shoes on the tongue are embroidered with 2013 / 4 / 28 Nike Roshe Run Woven commemorative words more Satin color reflection, very beautiful! Nike Free 5.0+ will be sold in some global stores, Nike, Roshe, Run, Woven, Nike, Studio, Wrap, two pairs of shoes will only be sold exclusively at Nike Georgetown. One of the more unusual shoes, Nike Studio Wrap, is inspired by the usual relaxation actions required after the game, such as shoes such as stretching or yoga. source: nikeinc.comLamigo UNDER ARMOUR peach apes and work together, carefully planned launch out of the ordinary "Lamigo UA" on the theme of leisure on force, so that people can experience the players training in peacetime, set the scene "challenge UA king" and the public fitness fun, Lamingo players and LamiGirls blue Yin Lun scene with everyone together, invite everyone to challenge record player. 8/1 before UNDER ARMOUR invited to the general manager of Greater China director Erick Haskell attended the kick-off, itself is good sport Haskell happy said: "nice to see everyone in baseball enthusiasm, and see UNDER and ARMOUR can win many titles with peach apes, especially today wearing a UNDER ARMOUR shirt tee, feel very honored! "Erick Haskell, who has a baseball base, displays super accuracy at kick-off, just like baseball players' precise kick-off, and also gets enthusiastic cheers from all the fans. The first day of play Lamigo UA theme day afternoon on the force gathered many fans at the scene in "UA king" physical challenge, challenge the physical limits of star fans, to break through the five levels to challenge their agility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, core strength and explosive force, the scene lively and energetic. Peaches, apes, Lan Yinlun, Yu Delong, Lin Baiyou, and LamiGirls also come to challenge the UA fitness king, fueling the jordans on sale mens challenger, encouraging the challenger to show I WILL ideas. In addition to activities outside the scene, visible LamiGirls and mascot for cheerleading rosy red UA theme day Jersey fans for the Super 10 team shows quite the spirit, in the face of UNDER ARMOUR stickers affixed expressed support, many fans wearing UNDER ARMOUR clothing Qili "ape". in addition to the most hot "challenge UA fitness king" pass, before the game by a number of aerobic fitness coach show strength and beauty of Body Combat, led the whole audience to do the basic aerobic! Wonderful blood play force lying UA theme day not just a day, 8/2 games, UNDER ARMOUR and Lamigo was invited to Fu 2015 World Cup winning Chinese cheerleading performing as well as kick-off guests, professional activity in Lamigo TV Cheerleadi will also share their efforts to break through the self challenge, and ultimately get the world champion story.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] we will see some rare pictures turn of the year: end of the year 2014 the Chinese national team to Australia to participate in early January 2015 Asian Cup, before A few days they will be dressed as usual three stripes of training and competition clothing at the training ground and publicly, and a day in January 2015, and appeared in front of reporters and the crowd is a completely different China national team If some reporters late as the training field, may be confused and asked, "Where the Chinese team training?" Because they do not know in front of the team, and not that national team players to become not know, but they before and after two days bad days to do the dress, put on another team replaced all training clothing brand, and certainly for all so accustomed to. It is reported that the Chinese Football Association and Adidas at the last moment in the "China Team" sponsorship negotiations have not been allowed to Adidas satisfactory offer, from January 2015, "China Team" will dress up as Nike, With three decades of China's national soccer team, "three stripes" will disappear forever! Why do I say that Adidas will "forever" and no longer "China Team" again later? Let us recall Adidas and the Chinese Football Association, national teams and the "China Team" history of cooperation, as well as Adidas and Nike In the competition for the process of Chinese football market and the global football market, we will be able to understand this truth. Chinese football from the 1970s reappeared after international football, when a tyrant in the world, the world of Adidas (then Nike is only a few dozen small workshops), by Henry Fok and other Hong Kong Olympic Committee expressed willing to support the wishes of the Chinese Football Association, so from some professional soccer shoes to start for the national team in 1981 to provide a full range of training, competition clothing and soccer shoes, soccer and other equipment. 1987 adidas and the Chinese Football Association signed the first formal cooperation sponsorship agreement, I see is just four-page contract, made clear to the Chinese Football Association in 1994 to provide a predetermined number of football equipment soccer team every year, as well as apparel for the league football and referee, the referee to offer. The parties amended the agreement in 1991, an increase of a retainer deposit (fixed annual sponsorship fee), and the prize money, recruits deposit of 150,000 deutsche mark. 1993 to renew the agreement the two sides will expand coverage to women's clothing, the professional league game with the bal Cheap air jordans for sale l, 200 referees clothing, employs 250,000 deposit to the deutsche mark, the agreement until 1998. Until this time, Adidas is made in Bavaria Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg Eisenach headquarters to come forward signed. 1995, Adidas officially set up branches in China China by Sandrine - Ms. ?? open up new sites in China, when the Chinese company Adidas has more than a dozen employees. Note that, at this time Nike China branch already has thousands of large companies, in its China headquarters moved to Shanghai from Guangzhou, once the general trend in the world of youth recruitment, placed in the huge battle Portman Hotel, it is that the author when they go to candidates and had the experience of the first scenes of Nike. After the 1997 Top Ten Chinese team lost, Sandrine seize the opportunity to find the Football Association, immediately contract until 2004, an increase of deposit to hire 400,000 German marks, the scope includes all levels of the national team, league and adolescents . In fact, when I found the Football Association on behalf of Nike think won this contract, I do not want to Adidas have signed the hands and feet quickly. Also when he was a full-time President of the Football Association Wang Junsheng Tucao "Why the early?" then successfully entered the Chinese national team after the 2002 World Cup, Sandrine has urgently requested to renew talks with the Football Association, the Football Association is already a cocky then. They also did not estimate the time after the big scene no experience, I do not know, intentionally or unintentionally, on some occasions neglect some partners (As an example, the Great Hall hosted a celebration, even the long-term partner adidas in humble little tables , while some just sponsor China Team sponsor on the main table, the spot Sandrine anger eat, immediately asked the Football Association to explain, then Nan Yong aware of the problem, quickly relieved himself after a meal). Intermittent negotiations beginning in 2002, the SARS episode in 2003 when formal negotiations to end of September also sign up (just two sides to live in Beijing and Shanghai Hotels quarantine when they meet meeting), this time, because there are competitors, especially Nike's involvement, although Adidas but firmly forced to sign a nearly hundred-page sponsored worth more than two hundred million for a period of six years, "China Team" of the agreement, the value of the agreement had already entered the international photogenic similar agreement the top ten. After learned from Ford Bowes, Nike headquarters very sorry, because I know that they would if the price tag was increased by 30%, it is very likely Hukouduoshi up. 2009, the Chinese football came to an extraordinary period, football development road twists and turns, hazy future. Adidas once again offered to renew, the Football Association and the Ford treasure this time with plenty of experience, despite a sharp decline in brand value, "China Team", or not be slow. 2007 Nike, Adidas poached from the project manager responsible for "China Team" project, apparently come prepared, they reported to the Ford treasure and the Football Association have a very attractive option, since Adidas priority renewal rights under the same conditions When Adidas face this reality, their situation has undergone great changes, the Chinese market and the Chinese football have feelings Sandrine has left, although the new boss is no stranger to German football, but at the time Under the vagaries of the market environment dilemma, this time to force the Supreme H cheap foamposites eadquarters Adidas led the final contract for four years. Nike again fall short, in fact, as long as they are 30% more, will be successful. However, man proposes, God disposes, today look at Nike or the last laugh and saving budget. This is based on the "three stripes" and the "big hook" competition. Said front, the 1970s look no rival Adidas. By the 1990s, the rise of Nike, Adidas internal situation occurs almost bankrupt. More people admire Nike from 1994 began to develop football products, to the 2002 World Cup, has Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, South Korea and other teams using its products. 2014, Nike soccer product sales have been comparable to the amount of Adidas, the world's most powerful team in the Nike holding Brazil, France, England [microblogging], the Netherlands, has been with the Adidas-sponsored Germany, Argentina and Spain overall comparable. Do not forget to Adidas but has over 60 years of football history products. Similarly, 2000 years ago, Nike over Adidas overall in the global market as well as China. I played in both companies, life and feel the strategic development of different genes of both companies and bring a different future. Nike comes from the United States, there are entrepreneurial gene, bold features, there is the soul of. Adidas comes from Europe, Germany has a strong European character, elegant but restrained pride. Now the US is still booming, leading the world, Europe is the old gas is weak. Nike attaches great importance to the sport market, is the direct leadership of the headquarters of a business unit, its founder, boss direct control, but less and less attention to the recent Adidas and no influential business people control the movement of the market, is a strategic mistake. It is reported that Adidas share of sales in the United States the world's most important markets Under Amer has been exceeded. It seems the future Adidas to regain the world's first slogan "Impossible is Nothing" is self-motivated thing, it should be forever impossible. So In summary, I believe that, despite that the current Adidas sponsorship "China Team" in the next 3-5 years can be a big market value, can compete with Nike in a few years later. However, Nike's genes determine that they have not let food into the mouth and then spit it out, unless chaos occurred in China in the future, national bankruptcy, could not sell a few pairs of shoes. Remember, this is a historic moment for Chinese football, Adidas and Nike, is to bear in mind the time! The next question is: Chinese football market ground - "China Team" and all the Super League teams as well as the Super League occupied by Nike, Adidas, Nike seems to be how to think in Chinese football market to Adidas? ruthless. Pre will compete for the Chinese market, Nike, Adidas ruthless From January 1, 2015, all the commanding heights of the Chinese football by occupation Nike, Adidas leadership in the end did not see the danger? What is Nike's strategic intent is? I believe that Nike is wanted in the Chinese market - the most important market of sporting goods --- adidas ruthless will, in fact, this scene has already happened in the US market, you know, although China ranked the world's sporting goods market Second, but great (unlike China's economic aggregate ranking is actually very match) gap with the United States, while in the United States, released this year, figures show that Adidas has been pushed to the third, and with Nike that much difference. Nike's strategy is to eliminate the local threat, the second largest and the develop Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ment potential of the Chinese market to combat and eventually eliminate rival great rival, solid traditional European markets. Adidas now seems somewhat at a loss, its European home market, although it has been continuously differentiate the dominant US market strategy failed, and is now about to see a new Chinese sports market territory of which the share of Adidas unexpectedly weak , which is how the three stripes? In fact, the Chinese Football Association, "China Team" is the most important piece of Nike China market strategy pieces of territory, several domestic market, valuable audience, internationally recognized sports - football, basketball, road running, tennis, badminton [microblogging] and so on. Adidas will only show for a Beijing marathon. Nike has a football team Super League and all the sponsors, and now with "China Team", the soup is not to stay Adidas; Nike basketball more to maintain national team, tennis team, coupled with Shanghai Marathon, we really Adidas can not see where their movement spell market territory. Of course, the Super League is brought to expire after a few years, in theory, we have the opportunity to compete for Adidas, but according to the author of the above analysis, Adidas has always been good defense, but unfamiliar counter attack. So Nike certainly will firmly grasp the positions. Very spicy strategy! Nike in the Chinese market will be ruthless other brand of football, and he will play to their imagination in Chinese football field, calling to lead the future development of this gene to the United States like to do. This is especially the Chinese soccer team is actually a good thing, let us wait and see, maybe to a facelift such as tool change. As for Adidas, they would surely use the money on other football resources, but those are pediatrics. They may still waiting for the national sports system, in order to look for opportunities, but it is a long-term process can not be started immediately. "Victory of three stripes" is about to begin its slow but deadly suicide process in China. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Luoman Qi Shoes & nbsp; Orem Fort men.)For a while Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals did not see the new design, the avant-garde let both understanding of fashion the ultimate definition of each product with a stunning title, let people are looking forward to a sequel. The next two shelves Jeremy Scott X has just landed Adidas Originals JS Wings Gold Foil Jeremy Scott x adidas not only inherits the Originals JS Wings series has always been exaggerated, exaggerated design style, is the color under the foot work. The shoe body with texture and color effect of reflective foil with paint, decorative paper containing fine gold rubber sole, make shoes very pompous! item: D65203 139295G1420260-12E3.jpg (160.32 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-21 14:55 upload 139295G1593440-24V2.jpg (129.53 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-21 14:55 upload 139295G1C5I0-35W8.jpg (118.87 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-21 14:55 upload 139295G1N4010-4O60.jpg (165.55 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-21 14:55 upload 139295G20B620-5S45.jpg (170.47 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-21 14:55 upload Adidas 00Lining Wade is the 3.5 team for Dwayne · Wade and team building, synthetic leather, cloth material spliced with uppers, collocation of carbon fiber stable sheet in the bottom is equipped with full palm IP injection, TPU cushioning technology stable, with the crystal outer bottom show. item: ABAL041-6 001IzPVqzy770oJMpgk28& amp; amp.jpeg (188.87 KB; download times: 1) download attachment Lining Wade is still 3.5 2016-12-7 upload at 23:04 001IzPVqzy770oJOc9927& amp; amp.jpeg (220.76 KB; download times: 4) download attachment Lining Wade is still 3.5 2016-12-7 upload at 23:04 001IzPVqzy770oJPT1vf1& amp; amp.jpeg (156.02 KB; download times: 4) download attachment Lining Wade is still 3.5 2016-12-7 upload at 23:04 001IzPVqzy770oJRL56a0& amp; amp.jpeg (184.78 KB; download times: 2) download attachment Lining Wade is still 3.5 2016-12-7 upload at 23:04 001IzPVqzy770oJTGwD27& amp; amp.jpeg (160.73 KB; download times: 1) download attachment Lining Wade is still 3.5 2016-12-7 upload at 23:04 001IzPVqzy770oJVxHUae& amp; amp.jpeg (176.75 KB; download times: 3) download attachment Lining Wade is still 3.5 2016-12-7 23:04 upload Lining, Wade is still 3500ALIFE x Saucony Jazz'91 joint series is now available for sale at 2016-03-29 10:48:04 day before Saucony teamed up with New York Street brand ALIFE expansion joint project, the designers selected modeled in Jazz'91, the color design is very bold. The white cloth is based on the material, with green, red and orange blue as the details of color, so that the color of the collision is very strong. The tongue of the "ALIFE" logo also reflects the joint identity, it is reported that the shoes have been officially on sale, priced at 90 dollars, love a friend may wish to focus. Nike Air Max 97, "Silver Bullet", another silver bullet! 2017-11-08 12:31:53 Nike this year's "big cushion" family is particularly active, especially Nike Air Max 97 shoes brought you a number of different choices, of which Nike Air Max 97 "Silver Bullet color is caused by a new round of panic buying craze.". It is exciting that, according to foreign media reports, the "silver bullet" will be ready for replenishment on black Friday in November 24th! Unfortunately, there is no specific release information, interested friends may continue to pay attention to our reports. , following last week's Nike Kyrie 2 'Alma Mater', came earlier, Foot Locker, an American channel provider, said that another version of the version designed for Irving alma mater was also on sale. With the blue devils team tracking Duke or Kyrie Irving in the community on the platform of prospecting shoe should have seen the two details extremely rich version in the first month, the team is through the official exposure and has a 'Alma Mater' ready market, generally believe that this pair is to provide players with exclusive players the version should, really didn't expect that Nike will be sold openly (laugh). Nike Kyrie 2 "Duke" has a very delicate embroidery details, in addition to the "DUKE" after jumping around, the tongue KI Logo and number 1 is a thick embroidery method, the sale of city have very different with the past version of texture. The United States is scheduled to go public in March 19th and the Taiwan region remains to be announced. It's, a, brotherhood., #Kyrie2, Duke, PE, from, @KyrieIrving, pic.twitter.com/WnFbSVS8CP, @nikebasketball - Duke Basketball (@DukeMBB) February 28, 2016 Kyrie Irving had earlier had on Instagram share this double "Duke" color to support their own schools, although due to injury factors played only 11 games and then at the end of a season after they put the NBA draft, but he still has a deep emotional connection with his alma mater, since two generations signed shoes are brother sisters launched exclusive color. source: Foot LockerNot long ago, sports brand Adidas in Italy officially launched the thirteenth session of the European training camp, and this is in addition to the United States only officially recognized the NBA Draft event, which provides more than 18 to 22 years old young players the opportunity to battle, the scene brings together hundreds of scouts and coaches from around the world, for good the hands of the new generation selection of future star. through the site practice and match the picture you can clearly see the players on the feet of real, most choose the summer flagship flagship basketball shoes Crazylight Boost 2015, which contains previously to introduce the 'Solar Yellow' and 'USA' and other various versions, one of the more special place is on the tongue or is adhesive type straps printed on EUROCAMP 2015 words, as a symbol of the training activities. , during, Adidas, Eurocamp, at, La, Ghirada, sports, center, on, June, 5,, in, Treviso, Italy. source: Nice KicksJordan Melo M12 Carmelo to Anthony from the training in the hometown of Baltimore Activity Center for the design concept, equipped with FlightSpeed suspension system, the outer bottom groove is to draw inspiration from the large living fossil lizard reptile, a pair of boots for Melo to create a new lightweight and flexible. This Saturday (01/02) in Taiwan area will be officially on sale Melo M12, the first wave of a total of two color market, pricing: NT$5300; to start prospecting shoe makers please directly to the location of the Nike stores or dealers for signing. source: Nike last month, Nike, Free, RN, Motion, Flyknit 2 generations of real shoes exposure, streamline appearance must have attracted a lot of people's eyes. Now this shoe has been the first sale, with the power of the first wave of the white color of the head, to the spring and summer of 2017 jogging shoes market to inject new blood. The difference between Nike Free RN and Motion Flyknit 2 before, in the switch to the high tube socks shoes, and also with a large area of the cross straps instead of laces system. Nike Free system features to get closer to barefoot shoes, but in recent years, plus Flyknit shoe, socks and other elements of structure, enhance the performance of a series of shoes, is also laid a standard configuration of jogging shoes in modern times. Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2 was officially released on April 13th, priced at $149. source: EU KICKSCanadian rapper Drake 2013 joined Jordan Brand's own brand, October 's (OVO) Very Own and Air Jordan series joint version always low-key but without losing gorgeous design, plus sign owl totem and OVO words, more distinctive. This double has been unveiled in early 2014 Air Jordan 12 "OVO" Black was originally only available to Drake and qualified people, on both sides of the shoe body edge selection of pearl skin grain leather production, a kind of inexplicable sense of charming, although several times that sale could, but always only the stairs. Until recently have further information listed, the United States is currently scheduled in February 18th is the lively NBA all star week on sale, priced $225, then see whether Taiwan will have the news public offering. source: Sneaker NewsWith the arrival of in 2017, ASICS Arthur, combined with their own professional shoes in the sports and new technology, more comprehensive fitness enthusiasts fitness equipment, launched a new series of POWER FLEX and FIT YUI CONVICTION training shoes and X, the type of training and advanced design technology and materials college two distinct, able to adapt to the body in the training process of the natural movement, to achieve the optimization of training effect. The two items will be officially sold on January and will accompany consumers into 2017. ASICS FIT YUI special training shoes for female interior fitness design, unique combination and flexibility, not only can make the author move freely, but also provide excellent comfort, support and fashion sense. - combined with each other, and from the heel to the instep lace with a chain of elastic fit feet, ensure the movement flexibility and stability. - before bending groove design provides the sole key regional direction flexible twist. ASICS CONVICTION XThe CONVICTION X design helps fitness enthusiasts improve their athletic performance under high strength training. The ASICS Arthur Institute of human engineering patents and materials, has good permeability, stability, durability and grip. - sole increased ventilation system and porous insole is able to sports training for the highest strength. - Rubber soles with safety anti-skid technology, special treatment of arch part and the outer sole pattern, excellent grip, provide flexibility and stability. - Palm portable seamless material specially designed for high strength training, provide durability protection, and help maintain posture training. Arthur, general manager of the group of global brand marketing Paul Miles said: "ASICS Arthur combined in the field of professional knowledge and footwear is equipped with advanced technology, for fitness enthusiasts to create a full range of training equipment. In addition to the upcoming FIT YUI and CONVICTION X, Arthur will also launch a series of innovative products in 2017, and through the new "you led" theme activities, invited fitness enthusiasts to experience these specially designed for them to create the products. "Now available on Internet platform WhatMattersIs search keyword or" attention "of the Hashtag leading you to #. do you remember the Adidas Crazy Explosive introduced in the previous report? In addition to previous ones, the day before there are many new users to share pictures, researchers can survey shoe list this double ball the whole and some details. In addition to Boost sole technology, you can also see the ice bottom anti torsion special structure, extending structure overlies the side of Boost, many holes design estimation can effectively make Boost stress obtained after proper deformation space and buffer effect is more good; also a padded Achilles tendon nearby. And like the visual structure sock is near; and lace holes with rope like structure strengthening support, but there is still a need for further information to determine the official he can bring what kind of function and whether there is a name of exclusive design. Through the current picture, does look with the existing shoes with different ingenuity design, small individuals are quite looking forward to the new adidas! source: @2muchsol3 the day before yesterday, everyone in the race witnessed the Tony Parker, the French small sports car, racing around the field and putting in an incredible winning goal, and the good performance of the shoes will naturally attract attention. Parker, after moving to PEAK, PEAK, Team, Lightning also appeared PE, SAMPLE, and the general commercial version, because Taiwan has not been introduced, so this information, we will also be quite looking forward to! Let's take a closer look at it! below, white, red, and black are PE, SAMPLE, and , respectively source: Tiger bashing

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