Chinese shoes network July 16 hearing, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Xtep Rui Bo Ho noted that the second quarter of this year's outlets recorded a high number of units of same-store sales growth, compared with low single-digit growth in the first quarter better, full-year same-store sales growth target was in single digits. And said it did not think to enter the second and third tier cities as Nike's general direction, if Nke made about the deployment, special steps deemed only one more local brand competition. Cheap air jordans for sale According to Hong Kong media reports, special steps (1368) Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Rui Bo Ho noted that the second quarter of this year's outlets recorded a high number of units of same-store sales growth, lower the number of units in the first quarter the increase is better, annual same-store sales growth target was in single digits. He also expected in spring next year the average selling price of its products will increase in orders is expected to be recorded in apparel products 5-10% increase, an incr cheap foamposites ease of footwear for the number of units, less than apparel products. He also expected in the next 3-5 years, the overall market in the Mainland have 15-20% growth, better than the market had confidence in the company's development. Earlier engaged in the production of the industry to enhance the wages of employees are on the mainland, he noted that the workers engaged in the production in the factory is the company's products are mainly sold object. When they wage increases, the impact on the special case of a positive step. A cheap jordans for sale mens t present, only 50% of Xtep apparel and footwear 10% of its own production, the rest of the way through outsourced production and wage costs account for only 5% of sales. Earlier Nike intends to launch pricing for 200-300 yuan of footwear products in the mainland, into second and third tier cities market, he bluntly, Nike development in the mainland for over 10 years, has been to understand the Mainland Consumer demand for high-end products, but also understand that the source of the low-end products are not Nike profit, so do Retro jordans for sale not think to enter the second and third tier cities as Nike's general direction, and will not launch too many of the preceding price of the product. If Nke made about the deployment, special steps seen as only one more local brand competition. At present, local brands in the second and third tier cities will be more effective, on the one hand the market for local brands more familiar, on the other hand is currently related brands in the relevant market has perfect distribution network. last month we see Highs and Lows and sports cheap jordans online brand ASICs to launch the Gel Lyte V "medic" joint color, overwhelmed by the Australian shoe shop will with another sports brand Reebok bring special works. New military theme color will be around 8500 Reebok LX deployment, the combination of black leather and grey Nubuck, complemented by red details provided bright modification. There is no specific information available, please pay attention to when the customer follow-up information. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information abou cheap jordan shoes for men t shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! Source: sneakernewsThe Nike KD8 has launched the new color of the meaning is full, the shoe is Durant idol Vince Carter and Larry Bird; design inspiration, the two senior team team color collocation to have a unique style of extraordinary significance, it also makes the Toronto raptors Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping and Boston Celtic flavor throughout the whole shoe money, presumably Durant will be given a certain goal and spiritual strength. The shoes will be officially on sale in October 1st number: 749375-013, interested friends may wish to look at.Summer is coming, the major brands have also launched a new version of summer shoes, today Asics has brought us Gel Kayano Trainer EVO; the new color, the designers use white overall rendering, breathable mesh structure vamp full use of rubber materials as a whole, support and outlines a line Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping . But so white shoes, wearing in the country may be easier to dirty, but also hope that we can love more. It is reported that the shoes now landed in some foreign shops for sale, interested friends can pay attention to it.2015 years in China, there are 5 cases of sudden death in the marathon race. These painful results are to remind the majority of sports fans, even if there is no heart symptoms, running, there may be a potential heart attack crisis. the most famous heart disease sudden death case in the United States is the 52 y cheap jordans for sale ear old JimFixx who died in jogging in 1984. Jim Fixx because of the severe family of coronary heart disease, the doctor suggested that he underwent coronary artery bypass surgery, but Jim Fixx did not want to, want to use exercise to improve their heart disease, so he started jogging, run more and more experience and improve physical fitness, had in just a few years reference with 7 marathons and proud. He also wrote two books on jogging, in 1977 the United States topped the list of the first. his sudden death caused a lot of di Retro jordans for sale scussion, is the heart disease should not be jogging? But carefully look at his history, the person has a family history (father 43 year old died of myocardial infarction), pumping too fierce, working pressure big, plus once weighing 100kg, have included most of the coronary artery disease risk factor, in he started jogging before doctors advised him., has been running for 16 years; postmortem found, his three coronary arteries, respectively, 95%, 85%, and 70% of the narrow and obstruction, if he is not often take a jog to move, perhaps earlier died? the United States for the death of a marathon to do research, estimated at 50000-88000 end of the race may be a case of death. In 2004, Dr. Maharam's team found that running half a horse or 10K had a lower death rate, and there were only about three deaths per million participants. in addition to running, daily leisure sports can also cases of sudden death due to heart disease, the French national research shows the general movement of the rate of sudden death may also be as high as 17 per million people, of which there are many young people. It is interesting that the rate of sudden death in women is less than 1/10 of men. sudden death occurred in the last 4 km of the highest! Below the statistics of 1976 to 2009 American marathon occurred in 30 cases of sudden death, this figure the marathon is divided to four sections, 0-8 km death (3), 9-23 km (sudden death 5), 24-36 km (sudden death 6 people), 36 - end (sudden death 16). The idea that is generally accepted is that it is good for health, but the news of sudden death in many sports is confusing. This is about the nature and strength of the movement. It is reported that people who live in a static state are fourteen times more likely to have a heart attack at a time of intense exercise than those who exercise regularly. It can be seen that people who are accustomed to not moving suddenly do more than their own ability of intense movement, any movement or to step by step. modern people in the material enjoy rich, less physical activity are on the contrary, many people indulged in the Internet world, each.